How do I know whether I may have a squirrel problem?

  • Noises from above ceilings are heard day and night, usually in the form of scurrying, scratching and chewing.
  • Noises are heard in the fireplace chimney (these may be caused by a squirrel, bird or a nesting raccoon). Squirrels and birds may fall down a chimney and become trapped. (Never attempt to smoke out an animal)
  • Stains are noticed on ceilings, which may indicate either that rain is entering through the animal’s entry hole or that it is the urine of an animal.

What should I do if I have a squirrel problem?

Exclusion is the only permanent solution to coping with troublesome squirrels. To help minimize conflicts with squirrels, make your house unattractive to them by following some of the suggestions below. If the problem persists, contact a local wildlife rehabilitator, animal control center, humane society or a humane wildlife control company to
discuss humane solutions.

What can I do to make my house unattractive to squirrels?

Animal proof your property, which includes:

  • Trimming vines and tree branches near buildings.
  • Covering chimneys with an animal proof chimney cap.
  • Regularly inspecting your attic and promptly repairing any opening.
  • Screening chimneys and bathroom, stove and dryer vents with galvanized wire mesh. (Do not use chicken wire, it is not strong enough).
  • Replacing missing or damaged roof shingles; (Never close any area if you suspect animals might be living inside).
  • Installing a 1 meter wide sheet metal collar loosely around trees about 2 meters off the ground and removing all tree branches below the metal.
  • Installing a 1 meter wide sheet metal collar tightly around TV Antennas at ground level.
  • Cleaning eavetroughs to prevent water damage.
  • Making garbage and composting inaccessible to animals.
  • Refraining from feeding or attracting squirrels

More Information

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