Millions of animals are trapped annually in Canada for fur, food, as pests and for conservation purposes. Some of those animals suffer because the devices or methods employed to catch them can cause substantial pain, suffering or distress.

The Canadian Association for Humane Trapping (CAHT) was founded in the late 1940’s and received its national charter as a not-for-profit, charitable association from the Secretary of State on January 21, 1954.

CAHT is a charitable, non-profit organization which works constructively toward minimizing the suffering imposed on wild animals by devices or trapping systems used to capture them. It is not a trapping, anti-trapping or animal rights organization. CAHT respects diverse philosophies and approaches while reserving the right to promote its own objectives.

CAHT’s mission is to minimize the pain and suffering of animals trapped for any reason. CAHT seeks to work with persons and institutions promoting humane trapping improvements benefiting wild animals and wildlife biologists, conservationists, the fur industry, governments and their officials, and to make practical progress to reduce and eliminate avoidable pain, suffering and injury of fur bearers.

The objects of the Association are:

  • To actively work toward eliminating the avoidable pain, suffering and distress of wild animals captured for fur, food, pest/nuisance control, and conservation.
  • To encourage the use of capture systems and devices that minimize pain, suffering and distress of wild animals captured for any reason.
  • To encourage ongoing research into capture systems and devices that will further minimize and ultimately eliminate pain, suffering and distress of wild animals captured for any reason.
  • To seek the support of applicable provincial, territorial and federal Ministries, trappers associations, individual trappers and other appropriate organizations and individuals to promote, enforce, and use the most humane capture systems and devices available
  • To seek and encourage the introduction of legislation that mandates the most humane capture systems and devices.
  • To obtain and disseminate accurate information regarding trapping practices, systems and devices used to capture wild animals for fur, food, pest/nuisance control and conservation.
  • To promote the welfare of animals used in fur production on fur farms and ranches.
  • To advance the most humane methods to manage wild animal populations in urban, rural, and wild environments.
  • To generally promote the welfare and protection of all wildlife, and to support and assist other organizations and individuals promoting such concepts.

Anyone who supports the objects of the Association may become a member on payment of the annual fee of $10.00 to:



3003 Danforth Avenue
P.O. Box 93528
S.W. Post Office
Toronto Ontario,  M4C 5R4